Executive Committee

Structures attached to General Management (GM)

Operating regions

SNCC has five railway operating regions:

The northern region is headquartered in Kananga, with following boundaries: Kaniama included to Ilebo  (787 km). It is headed by Mr Monsengo Mpissa.


The Copperbelt region
Formerly known as the Southern region, the Copperbelt region is headquartered in Likasi, and is 1014 km long from Sakania, border included, Tenke included up to Dilolo included. It is headed by Mr Kabusongi Kiwele.

The region River-Rail
The new management of the region called River-Rail which is headquartered in Kindu, has as boundaries: Kabalo excluded, Kisangani and extends on 5O66 km of track and 310 km on the river. It is headed by Mr Kyombe wa Umba.

The central region has as limits: Tenke excluded, Kamina, Kaniama excluded; Kabongo included which equals to 755 km. It is under Mr Maracto Mara management.

The Great Lakes region formerly known as Eastern region is headquartered in Kalemie. It manages 518 km of rail, over 1531 km of lakes and stretches from Kalemie-Kabalo included; Kabongo excluded. It is led by Oscar Mutompwela Ilunga.